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Friday, 10 February 2017

We all know and love Humpty Dumpty and we are all familiar with his rhyme...

 My son (5) and I were working on a nursery project in which he had to come up with a new verse for Humpty Dumpty... I thought it was quite a good idea, so below I have posted my son's version and mine...

Guess who wrote each one.... 

Humpty Dumpty went for a ride,
Humpty Dumpty fell on his hide,
His Mum gave him a big hug and a kiss,
Then asked Humpty to give it a miss. 

Humpty Dumpty swam in the river,
When he came out he began to shiver,
All his friends wrapped him up in a blanket,
When he was warm they served him a banquet

I also came up with a bit of a rude one, which they find funny...

Humpty Dumpty Done A Big Poo,
Oh My Goodness!  It Fell On His Shoe,
All His Friends Went "Yucky You!!",
So Humpty Dumpty Ran Off To The Loo.

Feel Free To Post Your Own - Nothing Too Rude Please...